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Choc Cherry Caramel Slice

Choc Cherry Caramel Slice

What's better than our Choc Cherry Paleo Bar? 'Not much' I hear you cry. But I took this question very seriously last week and I finally have an a...
Simple Seeded Bread

Simple Seeded Bread

If there is one thing people struggle with when making changes to their diet it’s giving up bread. Now, I’m not here to speak badly of bread. I act...
Choc Cherry No-Churn Ice-Cream with Bianca of The Girl in the Green Apron

Choc Cherry No-Churn Ice-Cream with Bianca of The Girl in the Green Apron

We may be halfway through Autumn but does that mean it's too cold for ice cream? No. Never. It's always ice cream weather! This week, we're joined ...
Naked Paleo Cocobella Probiotic Coconut Mango Icy Poles Recipe

Probiotic Mango Coconut Icy Poles

If you follow along with us on social media, you would have seen I’ve been experimenting with fermenting all kinds of fruit to use in smoothies and...
Mum's Homemade Baked Beans Recipe Naked Paleo 100% Organic Vegan Gluten-Free Refined Sugar Free RSF Dairy Free Healthy Snacks Bars Treats

Mum's Homemade Baked Beans

Even after you become a mum yourself, having your own mum cook for you is still the best! Recently my parents came out all the way from Ireland to ...
Naked Paleo Budget Friendly Bolognese Recipe Naked Paleo Bars Mylk Infusions Healthy Spaghetti Gluten Free

Budget Friendly Bolognese

We try as a family to buy the highest quality ingredients as we can afford. For us, that means organic fruits and vegetables and grass-fed, organic...
Tomato, Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup Recipe Naked Paleo Blog Winter Warmer

Tomato, Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup

This recipe is a mish-mash of ‘what’s edible in the fridge and what’s in the cupboard?’ We had arrived back from a week in crazy Sydney and our fr...
Mushroom and Parsnip Soup Recipe Naked Paleo Blog Healthy Bars and Mylk Infusion Latte Powders

Mushroom and Parsnip Soup

Grey is not the prettiest of soup colours, but what this soup lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in the flavour department.  I began with the int...
Naked Paleo Broccoli and Bacon Soup with Toasted Seeds Healthy Greens Gluten Free Dairy Vegan Recipe Blog

Broccoli and Bacon Soup with Toasted Seeds

Broccoli soup. It’s probably not the first flavour that pops into your head, but last week I found myself with an extra head of broccoli from the w...
Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes Naked Paleo Blog Recipe Gluten Dairy Nut Free Coconut Cacao

Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes

Baking is NOT my strongest skill, especially not paleo baking. It’s hard. There are variations, expensive ingredients, little changes that make a l...
Simple Bone Broth

Simple Bone Broth

I don’t know if it’s because it’s chilly outside or the fact that I am now a country wife with a very country life, but I am really enjoying cookin...
Naked Paleo Blog Thai Pumpkin and Capsicum Soup Recipe | Healthy Paleo Snack Bars

Thai Pumpkin and Capsicum Soup

I won’t start this post gushing about my love for soup season again. You all know how I feel about it. This is one of those hearty, soul-warming s...


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