Cooking with Oils Starter Kit

You may have noticed essential oils pop up on the blog from time to time because we love them in our house, but I try to create recipes without them because I know not everyone has them at home...until now!

I only use the highest quality essential oils that are suitable for internal use and I can't stress highly enough how important that is.

To make sure you are getting the best essential oils in the world that is safe I have put together a bundle of oils that are suitable for internal use and we use in our kitchen every single week.

Cooking with Oils Starter Kit -  $155.25

  • 15ml Lemon: Detoxifies. Perfect to add to your water or create a salad dressing
  • 15ml Lime: Add some zest to your guac with a drop
  • 15ml Oregano: One drop of this potent oil flavours an entire spag bol
  • 15ml Wild Orange: Orange Hot Choccie anyone?
  • 15ml Cinnamon Bark: Delicious added to porridge to bring a little spice to your life
  • 15ml Lemongrass: If you're a fan of Thai food you need this in your cupboard
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**How to order**

To grab your kit click HERE to contact me directly. I will  guide you through the process. Simply state 'OILS PLEASE' in your email and I'll get straight back to you to organise.


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    Click HERE to contact me to set up your kit. I will guide you through the process and have everything delivered straight to your door.


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