3 changes to support your mental health

3 changes you could make this week to help your mental health

(that don't involve drinking more wine)


The mum-juggle is insane. We expect it to be balanced and look at other parents through the eyes of social media and they seem to have it all together; work, side hustle, multiple kids, sports team coach, charity work... What other ways could we make ourselves feel in adequate?

I am not saying these tips will make you the most zen Mum out there and prevent all future breakdowns, but they will help take the edge off, just a little.

And once they are firmly in your routine you can add others. Just make sure you tell me any amazing tips you figure out along the way!



Move your body - Find something that you ENJOY. Not something that you want to do to ‘snap back’ or punish yourself for eating too much chocolate. I enjoy sweating it out. You might enjoy a slow yoga session or a walk around the block.

Start small and build upon it once you know you can prioritise that into your day.

I know it’s not the easiest thing to find time and it’s the first thing to get bumped off the list when shit is hitting the fan but 20 minutes will make all the difference to your mental attitude. I promise.


Compartmentalise - Stop trying to do everything at the same time. I did a post recently about ‘Mummy Mondays’. Monday’s are the day my 3 kids are home with just me. We have nowhere we have to be so it’s our adventure day. I don’t attempt to fit a business call in or check emails. I just can’t. I focus on my little humans for the day, unless they all nap at the same time but that’s just a bonus. Not trying to be ‘all the things’ keeps me sane, for this one day at least


 Get to bed at a decent time - We all crave that time once they’re all in bed. Time when no-one is shouting for you, or fighting over toys. You’ve tidied up the house, made lunches for tomorrow and it’s already late. You deserve that couple hours on the couch with Netflix, but you deserve to sleep, rest and recharge even more. Especially if you have earlier risers, like every kid I know.

Aim for a minimum of 7 hours. If you’re up throughout the night you might want to aim higher. If you still feel crap in the morning then you need more. 


Would any of these help you or do you do them already? I’m ready for some more tips to add to my week! Give me what you’ve got!



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