Baxter Blue Glasses Review (What is Blue Light?)

Are you ready for some science? Here we go…

I’m sure many of you have heard of blue light and how it’s emitted from our devices and pouring in to your eyeballs as you read this sentence. Thank you for putting your eyeballs on the line to read the blog. I love you.

We’ve heard blue light is bad. We’ve heard it disrupts our sleep if we spend all evening staring at our phone. But why? And what does the term ‘blue light’ actually mean? Well let me get my nerd on and explain a little more.

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Light is made up of electromagnetic particles that travel around in waves. There are lots of different wave lengths and strengths. To help get your head around the next part, I want you to picture the ocean.

Imagine you’re paddling about waist height, having a great time then… you see the water at your feet disappear, you look up and there’s a wall of water that came from no where. It sucks you up along with your bikini, and spits you out on to the beach. Free peep show for everyone. That’s a short wave and it has a ton of energy.

Then we have those rolling, gentle waves, perfect for people like me who did not grow up in Australia. I can play all day with my modesty in check.  Well, those are long, rolling waves, with less power.

Light waves are the same. Shorter waves equal more energy.

The diagram below shows you the names of the different types of wavelength and colours associated with them, but what we’re most interested in is the ‘visible light’ section. That’s where our blue light lives.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum Naked Paleo Light Waves Baxter Blue

Are you still with me or are you still on the beach?

I think blue light has had some bad press without people understanding what it is. Blue light is actually everywhere and it’s super important for regulating our awake and sleep times aka our Circadian Rhythm. But just like cake, too much of anything is not good. It’s this prolonged exposure that causes issues, especially at night when the sun, the natural source of blue light, is down.

Your body gets all kinds of confused, thinks it’s still day, reduces the amount of melatonin it creates which is the hormone needed to regulate sleep cycles. And before you know it, it’s 11.30pm and you’re unable to fall asleep. Less quality sleep can then lead to a whole heap of other health problems if it continues over long periods of time.

So what can you do?

We could all put our phones away at night, not look at our computers and limit TV and any artificial life, but that’s totally unrealistic. I do the majority of my computer work at night when Bear is asleep. So, the first thing I do is set up ‘Night Mode’ on my iPhone. From 6.30pm until 7am the next morning my screen has a yellow tint to it which blocks some, not all, of the blue light emitted.

There are also apps you can purchase for your laptop to do the same thing BUT my issue is I am generally editing photos which is impossible to do with an orange tint to everything.

Jen wearing Uvex Blue Light Blocker Glasses Naked Paleo

I also own a pair of UVEX Blue Light Blocking Glasses that are so sexy (see sexy photo above) but I can’t edit in those either even though they are great for watching TV.

So when Baxter Blue popped up on my Instagram feed I was ecstatic. These geniuses, who also happened to be a local Sydney Northern Beaches business, have created a lens that filters 50% of the blue light, is the tiniest bit yellow you wouldn’t even notice AND they look super cute. Sometimes I just wear them for ‘fashun’! I’ve been wearing mine for a few weeks now and I have to say, they are comfortable, not embarrassing at all and seem to help with my eye strain at night so they will most definitely be continuing as part of my work equipment. They also donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need for every pair sold. Businesses with heart are what make the world go round.

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Special Offer:

The beauties at Baxter Blue have ever so kindly given me a unique discount code for everyone who has managed to read to the end of this blog and learn all about blue light.

Head to their website and use the code NPXPRESS to get free express shipping with your order.

Jen xx 

Naked Paleo UVEX Blue Light Blocker Glasses Baxter Blue Free Shipping Discount Code

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