Frozen Yoghurt Bars by Grace Chung of Break Inspiration

Winter is definitely here but I will forever have treats in my freezer because 1. that's the place I look the least therefore I don't eat them as fast and 2. who doesn't love a frosty treat even if you have to are wearing a beanie and scarf while eating it?

Frozen Yoghurt Bars - Grace Chung

Grace Chung from Break Inspiration has shared this gorgeously simple recipe, perfect for kids and adults, using our coffee bars as the base (you may want to use a different flavour for the kids if you don't want them awake until midnight).

Over to you Grace...

'Growing up I was always fond of food and started cooking at a very young age, 7 years old to be exact! I am still very passionate about food and strongly believe that “you are what you eat” and hence why I choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy does not mean strict diets or deprivation. Healthy means cooking with real whole foods and/or with organic products such as Naked Paleo.

I love exercising regularly, not to look good but to feel good. :) I am a big fan of Pilates and High Intense Interval Training. I also love to walk down the beach while listening to an uplifting/motivational podcast. Follow me on my journey at @breakinspiration for positive quotes and food diary.

Frozen Yoghurt Bars - Grace Chung

Frozen Yoghurt Bars

paleo, vegan, GF, DF, RSF
Time: 20mins plus 1 hour to set


4 coffee cashew naked paleo bars
500 g Greek yoghurt or Coconut yoghurt (vegan/paleo)
1 cup mixed frozen berries
1 tbsp. rice malt syrup or honey
1⁄2 grated lime


  1. Simmer berries until soft and set aside to cool.
  2. In a food processor, blend all Naked Paleo bars.
  3. Add the mixture to a cling film lined baking dish and press the base firmly into the dish.
  4. Add rice malt syrup to yoghurt and mix well.
  5. Pour yoghurt mixture on top of the base and spread evenly.
  6. Add berries onto yoghurt and use a knife to swirl.
  7. Place into freezer for at least 1 hour.
  8. Remove from freezer and cut into bars. Grate 1⁄2 lime as garnish. Let thaw for 5 minutes before eating. Bon Appetit!

Frozen Yoghurt Bars - Grace Chung

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