Let us introduce Wholefoods for Families' Holistic Nutritionist

I want to introduce you to a fabulous friend of mine, Emma Dean.

One of the best things to come out of the current world craziness is the increased drive for Emma and me to put our minds together faster than we had intended and create Wholefoods for Families.

I will let her tell you a little about herself…

“I'm Naked Paleo’s Holistic Nutritionist, mother to Byron and Talulah, and wife to an emergency services fly-in-fly-out hubby.

I understand the challenges we face as families and parents to bring it all together, day after day, ensuring those dearest to us are nourished, healthy and happy.

My passion is helping people understand the foundations of health and the importance of a strong family food philosophy. Eating is an integral part of our lives and community. It should be nourishing and enjoyable.

I’m so excited to help you rediscover the infinite wisdom of your body, how intake, absorption and utilisation of key nutrients create health and well-being for your family, and authentically support you when challenges arise.”

Together, Emma and I will be delivering all the education in our Wholefoods for Families online course and we are so excited to be able to reach as many families as possible and support them to bring the love back into the kitchen again.

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