Liver Loving Tahini Sauce

Coriander; the herb that could divide a nation.

I didn’t always love it as much as I do now so I can totally understand the ‘soap taste’ argument. I don’t know what changed but I definitely enjoy it in a lot of our meals at home.

So, why is it ‘liver loving’ I hear you ask. Well…

Usually tasks of detoxing the body are left up to organs like the liver and in todays modern world, unless you have removed yourself completely from civilisation as we know it - one day I’ll have my self sufficient farm in the hinterland - you will encounter pollutions, plastics, aerosols just to name a few.

Your body works hard everyday to remove these toxins and there are simple ways your diet can support your body doing this. 
Coriander or cilantro as you may know it, is said to have amazing cleansing benefits, particularly for removing heavy metals from the blood.

Naked Paleo Liver Loving Tahini Sauce Blog Recipe

Your liver is a huge multi-tasker and is responsible for regulating hormones and removing excess hormones, helping the breakdown of fats by producing bile and of course, filters your blood. When your liver has too much to do it simply gets slower at everything so you can end up with a whole list of issues. That may not bug you too much at the beginning but eventually they could end up as larger problems.

This recipe was born after I had a very sad looking bunch of coriander leftover that wasn’t quite pretty enough to have in a fresh salad. It still tasted great. You can also use it on hot or cold meals if they need a little boost of flavour and burst of colour.

Jen xx

Naked Paleo Liver Loving Tahini Sauce Blog Recipe

Liver Loving Tahini Sauce

Makes a small jar that will last up to one week in the fridge

GF, DF, paleo, RSF, vegan

Prep time + tidy up: 5mins

Cook time: 5mins


1/2 bunch fresh coriander

1/4 cup hulled tahini – I love Mayvers

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice

3/4 cup water

1/2 cup raw cashews – soaked overnight or you want a super smooth sauce or use cashew butter

A good pinch of pink Himalayan salt

Naked Paleo Liver Loving Tahini Sauce Blog Recipe


Pop everything into a blender and blend until smooth.

Add a little water if you want it thinner or add more cashews if you want it thicker.

Give it a taste. If you find there is a little bitterness still there from the tahini, add a sprinkle more salt.

Naked Paleo Liver Loving Tahini Sauce Blog Recipe

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