Lunch Box Inspiration

For now, preparing lunchboxes is pretty fun. Then again, I'm not having to do it five days a week for multiple kids, yet. Ask me again in a couple of years. I try to prepare 3.5 year old Bear's lunchbox the night before and even though 1.5 year old Stone is with me for the day I prepare one for him too as this makes life a lot easier.

Before I jump into our lunchbox inspiration I should mentioned the amazing lunchbox we use is from Seed and Sprout. Over time I have added accessories like the Leak Proof Posts, Silicone Muffin Cups and the Crunch Case - an insulated lunch box carrier. Investing in a good quality lunchbox makes all the difference. Check out Seed and Sprout here

Lunch Box Tips

1. Aim for a variety of different colours.

2. Include a good portion of energy providing starchy carbohydrates.

3. Veggies - aim for a variety here, including the veggies you know they enjoy. Most of the time I stick to raw veggies as it's easier and Bear prefers raw veggies at lunchtime.

4. Healthy fats - usually in the form of a dip.

5. Fruit - I aim to have more veggies than fruit but will always include a banana/apple/mandarin or add berries to his yogurt.

6. 'Treats' - Adding a little treat to keep things exciting. For Bear this could be anything from pine nuts (yes, you read that correctly), dried mango/apricots or a Naked Paleo bar cut into small pieces.


Take a look at Bear's lunchboxes over the last few days for some inspiration. For recipes and nutritional support from our Holistic Nutritionist, Emma, check out our online course - Wholefoods for Families.

I am definitely no expert lunch-boxer and like all parents, I do lack motivation from time to time. I've found when I keep it simple and stick to the foods he enjoys I always have an empty lunchbox returned to me at the end of the day. I'm a happy mum knowing he is eating a delicious, colourful, nutrient-dense food that will give him the energy he needs to enjoy his day!

I would love to see your lunchbox creations! Tag us or comment #eatnakedpaleo in your posts so I can get inspired by you!

Jen xx



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