Our Favourite Home Baked Breads

Now that winter has truely arrived here in Australia, there's nothing else I love more on a cold morning than a warm kitchen and freshly baked bread.

Gut Loving Banana Bread and Simple Seeded Bread are two of our families most loved recipes, especially during these cooler mornings. 


Simple Seeded Bread

Inspired by the many seeded crackers I have made over the years. If you're looking to replace bread with a more nutritious dense alternative I encourage you to give this bread a go! Our family enjoy this Simple Seeded Bread with soups for lunch or toasted with peanut butter and honey for brekkie or snacks.


Gut Loving Banana Bread

A warm and cosy banana bread, perfect as a on-the-go breakfast or mid afternoon snack. Full of prebiotic rich ingredients like Green Banana Resistant starch your gut will love this bread as much as your taste buds! 

We'd love to see you recreate these recipes so don't forget to tag us in all your kitchen creations! 

Jen xx



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