Reading the Nutritional Panel or Nutritional Information

Naked Paleo Whole Food Bars Nutritional Panel Nutrition Information How To Make Better Food Choices

This week kicks off the first in a series of educational videos designed to help make your food choices easier.

In this first video, I’ve gone back to the beginning to take a closer look at that little panel of numbers that you find on the back of every food product you buy — the Nutritional Panel or Nutritional Information.

Some of the things I cover in this video:

  • The values you find on a nutritional panel
  • Marketing tricks you need to watch out for
  • Assessing the carbohydrate and sugar content
  • What I actually read on the back of the packaging
  • And a couple of fun food comparisons

Hope you enjoy the video. I’d love to hear how you go when reading food labels or any tips and tricks you have!

Jen xx

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