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First up, thank you for clicking ‘BLOG’ and coming to have a look at our brand new space on the website. I am so excited about this little ‘love’ project of mine and to share it with everyone.

The idea for this space has been bouncing around in my head for a long time but so many other things kept throwing themselves at me like launching new products, delivering orders, having a baby… ya know, the usual life stuff, that I just kept pushing it to the bottom of the list.

I don’t want this intro to go on for days, but maybe I should fill in some of the gaps and get you up to speed before we move on…

naked paleo meet the team jen blake and bear

I’m Jen, one half or I should really say now, one third of Naked Paleo.

Originally from Belfast I made my way across the world almost 10 years ago to backpack Australia. Pretty soon after arriving I realised this country was totally awesome.

Then I met a guy and this country became even more awesome. That guy was Blake and he was from Canada. He still is from Canada but right now he lives in Sydney with me, and our 10-month-old little boy, Bear. Bear doesn’t really pull his weight yet as one third of Naked Paleo but he will one day.

Naked Paleo Meet the Team Bear Welcome To Our Blog

We started Naked Paleo from our apartment kitchen, hand making our bars. Thankfully, we became so busy we had to look for other people to help us with the making part so we could focus on all the other business stuff. 

It’s been a wild ride for the past 3 years with plenty of highs and lows but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So now you’ve got a bit of background, maybe you’re wondering what else is there to know? What else could I possibly have to share? Well…

What’s our blog all about?

I needed a space where I could share recipes more effectively with the Naked Paleo community and I want to grow our community through a shared love of food.

It’s the entire reason we started our business: to make healthy eating more convenient.

Now my disclaimer – I am not a nutritionist. I am not a dietician. I have no qualifications in these areas so I am not going to be offering any kind of advice on these matters but what I can give you are recipes that I love, that have been tried and tested in my own kitchen every week with Blake and little Bear as my guinea pigs.

Recipes that I have created to be quick, tasty and easy on the hip pocket because we’re all working on budgets of some kind and eating healthy can be super expensive but it doesn’t have to be.

So, if tasty recipes from a mum-on-a-budget-who-likes-to-eat-well sounds like your thing, stick around, subscribe to our newsletter, and I’ll let you know every time I’ve prepared another tasty treat and exactly how I did it.

Jen xx

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